Jizzle James

Jonathan James was born & raised in Opelika,AL By way of Atlanta,GA Columbia,SC.

JizzLe James AkA HoTT KommoditY is an artist who doesn't want a specific genere to classify his artistry.

JizzLe has only been pursuing his music career for 2 yrs, due to being active in athletics throughout his life. Once he completed his journey with collegiate sports (Jacksonville State University/Benedict College), & earned his degree with a B.A. in Criminal Justice, he switched his focus to his 2nd passion which was music.

In an interview when asked what does he hope to bring to the music scene has an upcoming artist? His response was....

"As an artist I am focused on telling MY story & bringing originality along with passion back to the music scene." #JizzLeJames

"Once JizzLe puts everything in order as far as his development as an artist, he will put the entire world on notice." Tumika La'Sha (Creme Dela Creme, Columbia Sc)

Currently, JizzLe is 1/3 business partner of the ElevateYourGrind (EYG) Brand. (www.ElevateYourGrind.com), he currently holds a postion w/ a Fortune 500 company, while balancing out his duties & task with EYG and postioning himself as a new an upcoming artist in the industry.

JizzLe recently has released his latest single entitled "Kharacterz". His 1st project "The NTRo" along with the visual for the project is still creating a buzz up to date. As well as "Came A Long Way" which has put him on notice throughout the industry. Both projects are currently available on Youtube, Soundcloud, AudioMac, & ReverbNation as well as on JizzLeJames.com.

JizzLe is setting to take the industry by storm in 2K17.

As he stated in "The NTRo" " I broke the rearview mirror cause itz no turning back, I'm bout to live my dream & fullfill my destiny" #JizzLeJames